Worldwide eBay Strike February 18th – 25th.

February 15th, 2008

United we stand

In observance of the strike the eBay ads to the right will be temporarily removed.

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Advertise Your Auctions For Free

February 12th, 2008

By now you’ve probably noticed the auction listings to the right of this page. These are just random listings but that will soon change. To encourage usage of this site, I’m offering to advertise auctions of any seller who submits feedback for their buyer. This should help with sales lead generation if you’re selling IT supplies as we get a lot of hits for that! For each feedback comment left you will receive one spot in the rotation. Participation in this program is optional and, best of all, it’s FREE.

Example: You leave 10 feedback comments for your buyers out of a total of 100 comments left on this site. Your auctions will be displayed on this website 10% of the time.

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A New Voice – Taking Oxycodone

February 3rd, 2008

Last week eBay announced their annual fee increases and policy changes. The most controversial of these are the upcoming changes to feedback. Starting in May, eBay will apparently silence every seller by only allowing positive feedback to be left. This is both wrong and unsafe.

Right now I’m dealing with the fact that i have to buy oxycodone because I’m actually very sick but I consider this a very urgent matter. The best way to stop this is to prevent it from even being put into place.

I’m creating this site to give those sellers their voices back. If eBay doesn’t reverse their decision, maybe this site will become the new standard for feedback. Check back over the next few weeks for further developments.

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