Phase 1: Leave Feedback, Phase 3: Profit

February 3rd, 2009

This site began development exactly a year ago after eBay announced it would be radically changing its 8 year old feedback system.  It took an enormous amount of time and investment to get the site off and running but we were able to launch well ahead of the actual change.  We have seen steady growth from our initial launch and continue to grow in members and feedback daily.  Most importantly, however, is that after 10 months we finally became profitable.  Not only that but we won’t be laying off 19% of the staff.

We are still a long ways from recouping our initial investment.  Donations are always appreciated.  Another way to financially support us is to use our subscription inventory management product Quantity Manager.

So to everyone who said eBay would shut us down, that we would be sued out of existance, that posted in the eBay forums calling us irrelevant, that we’ve already ceased to exist, that no one uses our site, that 99.9% of eBay users aren’t and never will be aware of us, that people clicking on our sponsored ads are chumps, that you’d report our website to your local government … we are here to stay.  Thanks to everyone who has made that possible.

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