Anonymous Bidding and You

November 11th, 2008

Today eBay rolled out their anonymous bidding policy.  Earlier this year eBay anonymized all bidding activity before an auction ended but left the winning bidder publicly visible once the listing was over.  Now even the winning bidder is left anonymous.  Unfortunately this change renders our oldest feedback interface obsolete.  This has resulted in a few changes to eBuyer Feedback.

The following changes are now effective immediately:

  1. Sellers must now register with us before leaving feedback.
  2. Sellers must link their accounts through the eBay API.
  3. Sellers must use our easy to use, bulk feedback interface when leaving feedback.

If you originally linked your account by sending ebuyerlink a message through eBay you must upgrade your account on the link account page.  If you don’t then you will only be able to follow up or reply to feedback left about you.

Fortunately these changes only affect a “small percentage” of our users.  If you are unsure if this affects you visit the link account page.  If you see the the word “Upgrade” then an upgrade will be necessary. If you find you still have questions let us know at BID TRAINING.

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