Bid Alerts – Automatically Protect Your Auctions

February 10th, 2009

Today we are rolling out our newest and most exciting feature so far.  Bid Alerts is a free tool designed to protect your eBay listings.  With Bid Alerts you will know instantly when someone bids, purchases, or makes a best offer but who has also received non-positive feedback at eBuyer Feedback.  Within 2 hours of our internal launch we had already begun seeing alerts generated.  We encourage everyone to sign up today.

Actual Bid Alert Email

Sample Bid Alert Email

Here we show a sample Bid Alert that was generated during our testing phase.  This was generated due to a best offer being submitted to one of our registered sellers.

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Phase 1: Leave Feedback, Phase 3: Profit

February 3rd, 2009

This site began development exactly a year ago after eBay announced it would be radically changing its 8 year old feedback system.  It took an enormous amount of time and investment to get the site off and running but we were able to launch well ahead of the actual change.  We have seen steady growth from our initial launch and continue to grow in members and feedback daily.  Most importantly, however, is that after 10 months we finally became profitable.  Not only that but we won’t be laying off 19% of the staff.

We are still a long ways from recouping our initial investment.  Donations are always appreciated.  Another way to financially support us is to use our subscription inventory management product Quantity Manager.

So to everyone who said eBay would shut us down, that we would be sued out of existance, that posted in the eBay forums calling us irrelevant, that we’ve already ceased to exist, that no one uses our site, that 99.9% of eBay users aren’t and never will be aware of us, that people clicking on our sponsored ads are chumps, that you’d report our website to your local government … we are here to stay.  Thanks to everyone who has made that possible.

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Anonymous Bidding and You

November 11th, 2008

Today eBay rolled out their anonymous bidding policy.  Earlier this year eBay anonymized all bidding activity before an auction ended but left the winning bidder publicly visible once the listing was over.  Now even the winning bidder is left anonymous.  Unfortunately this change renders our oldest feedback interface obsolete.  This has resulted in a few changes to eBuyer Feedback.

The following changes are now effective immediately:

  1. Sellers must now register with us before leaving feedback.
  2. Sellers must link their accounts through the eBay API.
  3. Sellers must use our easy to use, bulk feedback interface when leaving feedback.

If you originally linked your account by sending ebuyerlink a message through eBay you must upgrade your account on the link account page.  If you don’t then you will only be able to follow up or reply to feedback left about you.

Fortunately these changes only affect a “small percentage” of our users.  If you are unsure if this affects you visit the link account page.  If you see the the word “Upgrade” then an upgrade will be necessary. If you find you still have questions let us know at BID TRAINING.

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Bulk Feedback

June 4th, 2008

Today we are publicly launching our bulk feedback feature. This is similar to bulk feedback using eBay’s Selling Manager. Currently we display if the transaction is marked as paid or shipped but in the future we’ll display feedback received as well. You can leave one comment for multiple positive transactions or leave negative and neutral feedback individually. You can even leave a default DBR score yet still rate some buyers individually.

If your account has been approved you’ll see a new link in your link account page. You’ll need to log in and accept the terms for each account. You can then begin leaving feedback at the new bulk feedback page.

If you are not currently approved and want this feature for your account contact us and we’ll review your eBay account activity.

Don’t forget our feedback contest ends in almost two weeks. Each unique positive feedback comment left gives you one chance to win $150 and the seller leaving the most positive feedback comments will receive $250.

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The New Standard

May 19th, 2008

Today eBay rolled out their feedback changes in North America. eBuyer Feedback is now the only place where you can leave real feedback for your eBay buyers.

To promote usage of this site we are currently hosting a contest through June 18th where you can win one of three prizes. See for details.

By the way, if you check out
eBay now considers “Negative statements that conflict with a positive rating” feedback abuse on their site.

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Leave Feedback Now, Open Beta, & More

March 25th, 2008

Now you can leave feedback at eBuyer Feedback! The eBuyer Feedback system is currently in an open beta period. Anyone who has linked their eBay accounts may participate if they have qualifying transactions. Comment left on eBuyer Feedback will remain active until the end of the beta period. Once eBay rolls out their changes to the eBay feedback system all feedback on this site will be purged and the eBuyer Feedback system will go live. Any feedback left for transactions occuring on or after that date will become permanent. Please contact us with any bugs you see.

Detailed Buyer Ratings – DBR™

It is a year overdue, but eBuyer Feedback will soon allow you to leave anonymous detailed ratings for your buyers. Sellers will be able to rate their buyers on a scale of 1 to 5 in four categories. Unless we receive feedback stating otherwise those categories will be Reading ability, Communication, Payment time, and Conflict resolution. Please contact us if you think you have better category choices.

Leave Us Feedback

Now that the eBuyer Feedback system is running you can also use it to rate us. In the leave feedback form simply use item# 999999999999 and buyer id ebuyerfb. Feedback will be subject to the same terms as all other feedback left on this site. However the feedback left for us will not be removed at the end of the beta period. You only get to make one comment per eBay ID so make it count.

Support Us

Now that we finally have something to show for all our efforts we will now begin to accept donations. If you’d like to donate or support us in some other way please visit the support us page.

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Link All Accounts

March 9th, 2008

Now you can link all your eBay accounts with one eBuyer Feedback account. Simply login then go to the linking page. Once you’ve entered your seller id follow the instructions to confirm.

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Advertise Your Auctions For Free – Now Live

March 7th, 2008

Now you can have your eBay auctions displayed for free on this site. Simply login then go to the edit account page. Then check the appropriate box. Auctions and store listings from all your linked accounts will then begin appearing on this site.

Since the feedback system hasn’t launched yet we will temporarily give everyone equal exposure.

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Now with Linkage

February 29th, 2008

Now you can link your eBay account with your eBuyer Feedback account. Simply login then go to the linking page. Once you’ve entered your seller id follow the instructions to confirm. Currently there is only support for one eBay ID per account but you will be able to link multiple accounts in the future.

Check back over the next few days when I add the ability to have your auctions advertised for free on this site.

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February 18th, 2008

Today, eBuyer Feedback has officially launched to coincide with the eBay strike. The feedback system itself won’t go live until the day eBay makes their changes but users can now sign up.

Less than 24 hours after launching we’ve already had almost 1000 hits, visitors from 47 of the 50 US states, many visitors from Europe and Australia, and 10 registered members. Over the next several weeks I’ll be adding more important features such as eBay account linking.

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